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VIFOP™ (Vinfoil Intelligent Foil Optimizing Program)

VIFOP™ is one of Vinfoil’s foil saving methods. It supports in an optimal foil use of your job.

How does it work?


VIFOP™ automatically detects the foiling area’s from the pdf file, and calculates the optimum job layout.
VIFOP™ provides after calculation basic data such as the exact foil consumption.
The job layout can be converted to a recipe which can be loaded into the Vinfoil Optima and Infigo. These will automatically set the machine.


Once a cold foil job is uploaded into the Vinfoil Optima or Infigo, all parameters will be memorized ensuring equal foil saving results every time. Pre-setting the data also means changeover times are much shorter.


A licence for VIFOP™ is optionally available.