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Vinfoil’s green facts

Vinfoil’s green facts

Some green facts about Vinfoil technologies

Sustainability is a topic which has gained more and more importance for producers and suppliers in the graphic arts industry.
This isn´t really surprising as we, the consumers, have become more aware of the fact that our world and our environment need care & attention.

At the same time printers, print-buyers and consumers are focusing on special effects for packaging, label and commercial print products as they are eye-catchers and help to gain attention at the point-of-sales while the price for the products has to remain at an affordable level.

Is it possible to combine special effects, price-awareness, productivity and sustainability?

How about having the best of both worlds?

If you compare the figures for the cold foil savings with our MFU technology for the above print job (Cold foil areas marked in grey) on a 72 x 102 cm sheet it becomes obvious that it is reducing the consumption of metallized cold foil by 24 to 60% compared to other alternatives. And of course it also helps to avoid unnecessary PET from the very beginning instead of ordering it at your foil supplier, carrying it to your facility and putting it to the waste for recycling after production has been finished.
Our unique MFU foil saving technology is available for our Vinfoil Optima SF110 GF as well as for our Vinfoil Infigo SF110 GF and Vinfoil Infigo SF145 GF. And as our products are also enabling you to perform a reel changeover in one to six minutes they are enabling you to keep your productivity at the economical level you and your customers are requiring.