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Vinfoil’s Foil Saving Methods

Vinfoil’s Foil Saving Methods

Welcome to the world of cold foil!

Using cold foil technology adds value to your business. The eye catching results make sure your products stand out from the crowd and will increase your company’s visibility!

Cold foil also offers different advantages compared to hot foil:

  • Expensive dies are not needed, a regular (cheaper) offset plate is sufficient
  • Cold foil technology is still accurate even with speeds up to 18.000 sheets per hour
  • Make-ready times: A matter of minutes instead of hours
  • Cold foil modules are easy to operate, no specialized personnel needed
  • Cold foil surfaces can be overprinted using basically all colours

In other words, working with cold foil technology makes your business and products more profitable!

Vinfoil has combined these advantages into several unique cold foil modules. We even add another aspect to the equation: Foil Saving.

Multiple Foil Use (MFU)

This patented unique technique is designed to save up to 85% of foil! Adding one of our MFU equipped Optima modules to your printing press makes your business more profitable in an instant.

Not only does Vinfoil’s MFU technique saves foil, it also has big advantages compared to other foil saving methods like indexing. Want to know why you should choose MFU? Please check: https://www.vinfoil.com/foil-saving/

Vinfoil Intelligent Foil Optimizing Programme (VIFOP)

“What do you mean with VIFOP™?”

This is the first question we get when we mention it. It is our Vinfoil Intelligent Foil Optimizing Programme! Together with our MFU technology, it is one of our unique and patented foil saving methods integrated in our Optima and Infigo.

How does it work?

  1. Upload a PDF file of job into your personalized web-based VIFOP™ directory
  2. VIFOP™ will detect the foiling area’s and calculate the optimal job layout, foil savings and machine settings. It even can calculate with existing foil rolls stock, if uploaded
  3. The job layout/machine settings can be uploaded (via USB) into the machine
  4. The data will automatically set the Multiple Foil Use system

Once a job is uploaded into the Vinfoil module, all parameters will be memorized ensuring equal foil saving results every time! Pre-setting the data also means changeover times are much shorter.

Do you want to save foil and give extra value to your customers at the same time? We are here to help! Don’t hesitate, contact us today at info@vinfoil.com