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Vinfoil Optima® installation no. 1 in Slovakia

Vinfoil Optima® installation no. 1 in Slovakia

Metal laminated cardboards have been a common printing substrate in the packaging industry for years. A sheet fully covered with a layer made of plastic and metal particles is overprinted with opaque white from two printing units in the areas where the metal effect is not needed. In the following printing units the inks & coatings are applied.

More and more print-buyers and printers are trying to find a different way to produce this kind of packaging. Here are the reasons why:

  • The waste sheets have to be recycled separately from the uncovered printing sheets.
  • The carbon footprint of packaging made of plastic has a negative influence on the image on brands.
  • Many governments worldwide are starting to reduce or ban plastic packings.
  • A good adhesion of the opaque white on the plastic requires special treatment.
  • The plastic covered sheets require UV inks & coatings for overprinting.

For these reasons brand owners & packaging producers are considering cold foil technology for their packings as its advantages are becoming obvious:

  • In cold foil only metal particles instead of plastic & metal is transferred to the print sheets. This is reducing the overall carbon footprint of the product significantly.
  • Sheets covered with cold foil can be recycled together with normal waste sheets.
  • Cold foil does not require the application of opaque white as the metal is only applied to the sheet where it is required.
  • No need for special treatment to make the opaque white adhere.
  • Cold foil sheets can be overprinted with conventional, low migration and UV inks.

We are happy that a growing number of packaging printers is convinced from these obvious advantages. That´s why we are proud to announce the first installation of our Vinfoil Optima® SF110MF in Slovakia on a K&B Rapida 106-9+LTTL was completed last week. With this installation, Vinfoil has sold its cold foil solutions in 20 countries around the globe!

Sustainability………..is the challenge

Cold foil………………..is the solution

Vinfoil Optima®…… is the answer