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Vinfoil cold foil samples on uncoated substrates available

Vinfoil cold foil samples on uncoated substrates available

The application of cold foil to uncoated substrates is a request we are getting from customers all over the world.

To handle this application in an economically reasonable way it requires a good expertise about the right range of suitable substrates and all other consumables involved.

Economically reasonable means in case of print production that the number of press runs needs to be reduced to a reasonable minimum.

To show that this application is possible in a good quality we have produced samples on an uncoated substrate from the Vinfoil Best Practice List. This is showing that your requirement for productivity in one pass and the requirement of your customers for artwork on an uncoated substrate do not have to exclude each other.

To get your individual Vinfoil sample on uncoated stock and to get more information on this cold foil application please don´t hesitate to contact us: