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Next Generation Micro SF110MF

Next Generation Micro SF110MF

Next Generation Micro SF110MF

Looking at Vinfoil’s Micro module it is a perfect combination of offering speed (up to 18.000 sheets per hour) and foil saving via the Multi-Reel feature. By changing the reels at ground level operating at the highest safety levels is ensured making the Micro stand out from its “look-a-likes” in the market.

Vinfoil™  never stops developing. We are constantly looking for improvements in every aspect of our company and product portfolio. Taking this into account we are extremely proud to announce that we have designed a Micro SF110MF GEN II.

What makes it “GEN II”?. Please check these highlights:

  • New drive system – fewer parts, higher performance
  • Speed up to 20.000 sheets / hour
  • Up to 10 x 50 mm reels
  • Price €185.000 (EXW. Vinfoil)


Adding the Automatic Loading and Unloading (ALUS) system to your Micro GEN II will boost your performance to peak level. Advantages of the ALUS are:

  • Short changeover time
  • Reel change at ground level – safe operation
  • Loading and unloading all foil rolls at the same time


Trade-In Programme

Buying a Micro SF110MF GEN II will give you a perfect start into the cold foil world. Vinfoil™  ensures that using this strong and easy-to-operate module will add value to your daily business helping you to be more profitable.

Buying a Micro SF110MF GEN II together with the Vinfoil Trade-In Programme will make sure you will always be competitive now… and in the future!

Don’t wait! Contact us for more information.

About Vinfoil:

Vinfoil has experience for more than 13 years in the printing industry. We are offering cold foil solutions from half format to super large format.

With many installations around the globe we are a major player in the cold foil business. The best and most cost effective cold foil solutions in the world are being created, engineered and manufactured by Vinfoil™.

Want to discover the world of Vinfoil™?:

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