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First Optima for Poland and Italy

First Optima for Poland and Italy

The first 2 Vinfoil Optima® SF110 GF for the Italian and Polish cold foil market

In our assembly line in ’s-Hertogenbosch the next two Vinfoil Optima® systems are ready for shipment. The top left picture is showing the MFU and Foil unit of the first Vinfoil Optima® for the Italian market which is one of the European cold foil hot spots with its approx. 30 installed cold foil units.

The picture on the right top is showing our Manual Foil Shaft Changer (MFSC) which is an alternative for our standard Foil Shaft Changer (FSC) if the space next to the press doesnn’t allow the installation of the FSC. The MFSC is used in combination with our ALUS+ (right bottom) and can easily be moved away by using a hand lift truck if it’s not needed.

The second Vinfoil Optima® (right bottom back of the picture) is currently being assembled and will be the first Optima system in Poland which is also one of the major European markets for cold foil technology with approx. 16 installations at packaging, label and commercial printers.
The system can be used for the application of cold foil or for embossing and UV curing of holographic patterns. Both systems will be installed together with new KBA Rapida 106 presses.