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Infigo® WF110MF

“MFU provides you with savings of up to 85% in terms of foil consumption”

VINFOIL INFIGO WF110 MF for offset printing machines size 1000-1100 mm

Highlights Infigo® WF110 MF

  • Optimal Foil Saving feature: MFU® in combination with WS
  • Automatic foil changeover under 1 minute
  • Speed of up to 18.000 sheets/hour achievable (also with MFU®)
  • Websplitting (optional) Up to 5 webs
  • Changing the foil reel takes place at ground level with an electrical roll manipulator.
  • The sensitive metallic layer of the cold foil is never getting in contact with any part of the Vinfoil Infigo® SF110 MF
  • Foil waste is cut and exhausted to the foil waste material separator.

Standard with:

  • FLS (Foil Loading Station) for preparing the next job during production.
  • MFU® (Multiple Foil Use), the best foil saving system in the world
  • FWC (Foil Waste Cutter) for non-stop production and waste removal by air transport
  • Speed up to 18.000 sheets/hour

Description of all standard individual Infigo sections

  • In this unit, the operator can prepare, during production, the next job.
  • Changing the reels takes place at ground level, which ensures a very easy and safe operation
  • Special dancer roller for levelling the unbalance of the turning foil reel during the production with high speed and for a perfect web tension
  • Electrical roll manipulator for easy loading and unloading the foil reels
  • Vacuum bar to prepare the new foil reel for the automatic glue cycles
  • During the automatic glue cycles the paper infeed of the press will be interrupted for maximum 1 minute
  • In the cross section the angle bars and the Web Splitting knives are integrated
  • The angle bars can be moved laterally to position the sliced webs at any location on the printed sheet.
  • Motorized foil infeed system from Foil Loading Station to the Cross Section
  • With the DFD (Direct Foil Drive) rolls the foil web speed is controlled by servo motors – these motors are controlled by an encoder integrated into the printing press to ensure a very precise synchronization of the foil web with the speed of the printing press
  • Electronically adjustable web tension

Web Splitting (WS) Standard with 2 knives (WS optional)

  • With this technology foil consumption can be reduced by 65%
  • The foil web can be split up to a maximum of 5 webs. The width of each web is adjustable. The total width of the foil core is the total of all sliced webs.
  • Two WS (Web Splitting) systems are standard on the SF110 module
  • Automatic foil changeover still available
  • MFU® is redirecting the cold foil web back into the printing nip after transferring parts of the metallic layer for the first time. With this technology a foil web can be used up to 3 times to generate optimal utilization of the cold foil reel
  • The use of MFU® can reduce the cold-foil consumption up to 85 %
  • 2 MFU® decks with horizontally movable guiding rods for lateral adjustment of the foil webs position
  • MFU® Decks can be moved in vertical direction for circumferential adjustment of the foil web position
  • Automatic foil changeover still available
  • After the printing process, the used cold foil is exhausted to a pipe system and shred to small pieces
  • The shred foil is exhausted from the process through a pipe system to the material separator
  • No rewound cold-foil cores to dispose


  • Web splitting up to 5 webs
  • Catwalk, easy access for cleaning and servicing
  • VIFOP™, Vinfoil Intelligent Foil Optimizing Program >> READ MORE
  • Foil Waste Remover (FWR), The material separator (standard scope) drops the waste foil into a hydraulic press container, or baling press

Foil saving with MFU®

  • Very economic way of saving foil by leading the webs through the pressure nip up to 3 times. Most effective with cold foil area coverage on the sheet between 20 – 70 % >> similar to step & repeat


Vinfoil’s Infigo module at full production. 8 web foil and MFU at 18,000 sheets/hour.


Detail Infigo SF110 GF cold foil module

“Be amazed at the top-speeds at which the Infigo can work and which match even the latest and quickest printing presses”