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Small Format - Micro

Vinfoil Micro, strong by simplicity.

Medium & Large Format - Optima

The savings of an Infigo combined with the compact size of the Micro.

Web Fed - Infigo

Provide you with savings of up to 85% in terms of foil consumption.

Allow me to introduce: VINFOIL™

Vinfoil Carbon Compensation Project


Vinfoil Multiple Foil Use (MFU – How it works

We are Vinfoil

Vinfoil Optima SF110MF installation in Spain

About Vinfoil

Vinfoil is a compact, high-tech organisation that has been building machinery for the demanding packaging printer since 2007. We always bear our customers’ markets in mind when designing, building and fine-tuning our machinery.

The packaging printer operates in a highly competitive market in which the provision of added value is of the utmost importance. Cold foil can offer this value, but the presses must continue to turn at full speed. Production downtime as a result of setting or changing the foil must be kept to an absolute minimum. This is the philosophy upon which we base the design and construction of our machinery.

Vinfoil Company, The Netherlands

“Vinfoil provides you with savings of up to 85% in terms of foil consumption”