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Vinfoil company profile


Company background

Vinfoil is a company based in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands, which specializes in the design, production and installation of in-line cold foil solutions for sheet fed offset presses.
Vinfoil also provides its customers with service, maintenance and personnel training, all with the purpose of optimizing the cold foiling process. The company is owned and managed by Vincent van der Heijden, who has been active in the graphic arts industry since 1976. Since being established in 2007,

Vinfoil has continued to enhance its product portfolio and look for innovative ways to optimize the productivity and efficiency of the cold foil printing proce

Cold foil

Cold foil transfer is a process to apply aluminium particles, from a backing film made of polyester to a paper or cardboard in a conventional offset printing press without the impact of heat. In the first printing unit an adhesive is applied to the substrate like a standard offset ink.

It can be applied partially displaying very fine details or in solids. In the following printing unit the metalized layer of the cold foil is being released from the backing film and transferred to the areas of the glue covered spots on the substrate. The result is a silver or gold layer on certain parts of the printed sheet.
In the following printing units these parts can be overprinted to generate different shades in a high metallic brilliance. After overprinting the metallic areas an aqueous coating or a UV coating is applied to the sheet to protect them from scratches.

The shiny mirror-like layer is providing a luxurious metallic look and can be combined with different color and coating effects which is especially interesting where packaging must attract the customersĀ“ attention, such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, cigarettes, food & beverage, consumer healthcare and confectionery products.

Product portfolio

Vinfoil Infigo SF110

The Vinfoil Infigo (exclusive to KBA printing presses) is the most sophisticated cold foil module currently on the market since it offers the best foil saving technology at the highest production speed with the shortest job changeover times.

Many Infigo modules are already in production at big packaging manufacturers all over the world. A modified version of the Vinfoil Infigo can be used to cast UV film onto sheets which results in a holographic image.


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Vinfoil Infigo Micro

The Vinfoil Micro is Infigo’s little brother,
it combines the best foil tension with multi reel technology and an integrated foil reel loading system. An interesting feature of the Micro module is that it is placed on top of the printing press as its design is very compact.

When it comes to value for money, this module is very attractive for printing companies all over the world.


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Vinfoil Optima

At the drupa 2016 Vinfoil will present the latest addition to its product line: The Vinfoil Optima.
This new module combines the best features of the Vinfoil Infigo and Vinfoil Micro. The Optima module takes up almost no factory floor space since it, like the Micro module, is placed on top of the printing press. It comes with a Foil Shaft Changer which allows fast preparation of new foil reels.

Moreover, since the Vinfoil Optima uses similar foil saving techniques like the Vinfoil Infigo, it achieves the same high level Ā of efficiency.


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