Vinfoil, makes cold-foil profitable!


Vinfoil Micro SF110, strong by simplicity

  • Foil cores up to16.000 running meters can be used (single roll)
  • Very low building height (1,51 meter above Printing or Varnish tower)
  • Access between the printing towers is Optimal
  • No heavy multi reel shafts
  • No operator platforms necessary
  • Remote closing and opening of the chucks
  • Standard equipped with an intelligent loading and unloading system
  • Speed of up to 18.000 sheets/hour is achievable (depending on printing press, paper/carton, foil, adhesive and blankets)
  • Because Vinfoil is using the high tech Bosch Rexroth motion control systems with torque control no dancers are necessary. This means the foil is not damaged and a very good printing result can be achieved without any dust on the printing tower.
  • Diameter measuring system for quick start up and signals for feeder stop at empty foil core
  • Thickness of the foil core can be adjusted -> Optimal foil use
  • Foil break detection
  • Standard Multi reel

Download full specifications Micro SF110

Herunterladen Spezifikationen Micro SF110

Vinfoil Micro is available on all offset presses, from sizes 80 till 145


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