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Vinfoil Optima SF110GF

Our Vinfoil Optima SF110 GF has been designed to meet the market requirements for minimized foil consumption and quick changeover times. It is a user friendly cold foil module with a high degree of automation and a small footprint.

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7 good reasons for Vinfoil Optima SF110 GF


  • Multiple Foil Use (MFU) for minimal foil consumption which results in cold foil savings of up to 85%.
  • Fully automatic loading and unloading system ALUS+ is included in our system.
  • Foil Shaft Changer in combination with ALUS+ will enable you to perform a fully automatic reel changeover within 6 minutes.
  • Our VIFOP PDF based software delivers the necessary data such as foil consumption and sheet layout enabling you to generate pre-set data for short make-readies as well as foil consumption figures for a serious calculation.
  • No wear & tear parts due to continuous web travel.
  • No contact of web guiding elements with the metallic layer, reducing silver dust emission to an absolute minimum.
  • Remote diagnosis system in combination with our 24/7 helpdesk in order to minimize downtime.


...... because efficiency is making a big difference


Vinfoil Optima SF110 GF, The features of Multiple Foil Use (MFU) at a glance


  • 2 separate cold foil reels (red & yellow) are positioned on the unwinder shaft.
  • The webs are led through the pressure nip for the first time.
  • Instead of rewinding the webs they are redirected into the 2 MFU decks each equipped with 2 parallel bars at a fixed 45° angle.
  • By positioning the bars in the lateral direction, the horizontal position of each foil web on the sheet is defined.
  • By moving the MFU decks vertically, the circumferential position on the sheet is defined.
  • After Optimal foil application the cold foil web is rewound to an empty core.



Vinfoil's Foil Shaft Changer (FSC)

Unique features, like the Foil Shaft Changer (FSC) included in the Vinfoil Optima, have been designed to offer a complete solution instead of a single module to fit the requirements of your everyday cold foil production.

While the fully automatic ALUS+ is removing the waste reel and the empty cores from the Optima, the FSC is already preparing the new foil reel shaft and a shaft with blank cores.
After storing the used reel in the FSC the ALUS+ lifts the new shafts into the Optima, reducing the downtime for a cold foil reel change from 15 minutes to 6 minutes.

If the FSC is not in use it can easily be disconnected and moved to a parking position.


Optima available for all offset presses, size 104/105/106

The Optima gets the most intelligent foil saving features. Software applications VIP and VIFOP in combination with MFU techniques (patent pending in Europe & USA) is resulting in an Optimally reduced foil consumption.


Vinfoil's Optima at 17,000 sheets per hour. Drupa 2016


Vinfoil's Optima at Drupa 2016