Vinfoil, makes cold-foil profitable!

Allow me to introduce: our new Vinfoil Optima

The people at Vinfoil are passionate about what they do. They are passionate about technology, as is clear from our Micro, our Infigo and, of course, the debut at the drupa trade fair this year of our new Optima. Day and night, we work on realising our goal: building the perfect machinery for our customers, that allows them to refine their cold foil packaging so that they can offer added value to their clients.

Vinfoil is a compact, high-tech organisation that has been building machinery for the demanding packaging printer since 2007. We always bear our customers' markets in mind when designing, building and fine-tuning our machinery. The packaging printer operates in a highly competitive market in which the provision of added value is of the utmost importance. Cold foil can offer this value, but the presses must continue to turn at full speed. Production downtime as a result of setting or changing the foil must be kept to an absolute minimum. This is the philosophy upon which we base the design and construction of our machinery.

Look at the quick set-up times. Investigate the many automation options. Be amazed at the top-speeds at which we can work and which match even the latest and quickest printing presses. Talk to us about our work in relation to research & development, which is enabling us to provide you with savings of up to 85% in terms of foil consumption, as a result of using our unique MFU (Multiple Foil Use) system. Listen to your operator; let him tell you how your professionals can operate our machinery after a very brief introduction.

We work on our mission with passion: designing and building the best and most profitable machines in the world for the cold foil packaging printer. Our installed base is spread across the globe. We have created an infrastructure to ensure that spare parts are never too far away, so that standstills due to unexpected breakdowns are kept to a minimum.
We are rightly proud to show at drupa what our Vinfoil team has achieved over the last few years. This brochure gives a few members of the team a chance to have their say and allows us to introduce our machines.
We look forward to meeting you at drupa and demonstrating our new Vinfoil Optima.

Vincent van der Heijden, CEO Vinfoil






Vinfoil's promo video



Vinfoil module at full production. 8 web foil and MFU at 18,000 sheets/hour


Vincent van der Heijden
General manager

The people at Vinfoil are passionate about what they do. They are passionate about technology, as is clear from our Micro, our Infigo and, of course, the debut at the drupa trade fair this year of our new Optima. Day and night, we work on realising our goal: building the perfect machinery for our customers, that allows them to refine their cold foil packaging so that they can offer added value to their clients.


Stefan van der Heijden
Project manager

"I am very proud of Vinfoil Optima, the missing-link for the packaging printer." Stefan van der Heijden (26) is a project manager. Even at the age of 12, he was wandering through printing plants with a spanner in his back pocket. Stefan studied mechanical engineering at the Higher Technical School in Den Bosch and worked for a packaging printer to gain some experience.


Arjan Neet
Senior software engineer

"Sometimes the issue is hard but the solution is very simple. Sometimes you find the spot among all the lines of code easily but you have to spend hours programming." Arjan Neet (45) is at home in a range of markets. He trained in energy technology and electronics. He was originally a programmer. Among other things, he writes thousands of lines of code that drive and operate the machines' PLCs.


Bart Loomans
Senior design engineer

"In this trade, you're never finished." Bart Loomans (40) turns ideas into machines. He studied mechanical engineering in Eindhoven and specialised in mechatronics. The design of special machines is a passion for Bart.


Rob Fransen
Mechanical engineer

Rob Fransen (27) is a mechanical engineer. He makes sure that purchases of machine parts run smoothly in terms of the administration, and also works on job preparation. Rob studied high-tech metal electronics in Den Bosch. After his work placement at Vinfoil, he stayed working at the company.


Martin Mainka
Global marketing manager

“Cold foil has definitively arrived in the world of industrial packaging.” Martin Mainka (48) is Global Sales Manager at Vinfoil. He is a veteran when it comes to the technical and commercial ins-and-outs of cold foil. Martin has worked as a printer, plant manager and product manager and he supported the global market leaders in manufacturing printing presses in Germany.


Natascha Gjaltema
Personal assistant
Vincent van der Heijden

Natascha Gjaltema is the Personal Assistant to Vincent van der Heijden. “It gives me a pleasant feeling to work in a relatively small company, we have a common goal which is very clear and this results in a very good team spirit”. Besides that, it’s very interesting to be part of the international character of Vinfoil. 
In a world where speed is becoming more and more important, it is fantastic to experience that we as Vinfoil, due to our relatively small size, can provide fast and efficient service towards our customers. It demands a certain level of flexibility to adapt easily to the changing market situations.

“Vinfoil is a dynamic business in which my result-oriented personality fits well. I became a Personal Assistant because it reflects who I am. I like to make sure that Vincent’s workload is organized efficiently so that he has more time available for other priorities.”


Yoshi Korsten
Process engineer

My job is to help Vinfoil simplify their company processes. I do this by writing and integrating multiple pieces of software, to create a quick and fluent workflow.
I really like this job, since it sparks my creativity while pushing me to find the most simple ways as possible.

Willion Bosmans
Senior Purchaser

For me working at Vinfoil is working in an inspiring environment. There’s a lot of experience in-house and in combination with fresh new ideas, it gives me the opportunity to optimize our supplier base and find the best way of doing business together.
Only with good cooperation and mutual understanding we are able to realize our high-tech products.

Willion studied Business Economics in Tilburg and has more than 15 years of international purchasing experience mainly in the automotive and machine construction business.

Pawel Kusinski
Global Sales Manager

"Pawel Kusinski (49) is Global Sales Manager at Vinfoil. He has 25 year experience in the printing industry. Pawel has been in sales since he started his adventure in this industry.

He has experience with prepress, post press and printing processes. Within the last four years he concentrates mainly in Cold Foil solutions to analyze and implement Cold Foil process all over Europe."




VinTechMa introducing the highest machine quality and machine upgrades

VinTechMa is the exclusive label that guarantees the highest machine quality and service level for all by VinTechMa delivered and certified Vinfoil machines.

Full qualification program
VinTechMa machines comply with the European Standards and have completed a full qualification program. The highest machine quality is built in with all delivered machines and all parts are carefully selected and where necessary adjusted for longer life, higher reliability and maximum uptime. Only after a detailed check, each machine is awarded with the VinTechMa label.

Red carpet service
Since the people of VinTechMa understand the impact of machine downtime for your organisation, a selected team of young, talented and experienced professionals is ready to give support round-the-clock if service is required.

The VinTechMa-certificate can be issued for machines delivered by Vinfoil. Vinfoil is the Dutch company of the revolutionary foil saving Gloss Foil and UV Film machines.

Vincent van der Heijden, managing director of Brausse Europe, explains. "Our customers require high speed, top quality production machines, running 24/7. We have introduced the VinTechMa label in order to guarantee our customers the required, highest machine quality and Optimal service level". Van der Heijden himself manages the VinTechMa team.

Vintechma quality label