Vinfoil, makes cold-foil profitable!


Single reel vs. MFU cost comparison - Folding box (12 ups)

Sheet dimensions:
Annual production volume:
Press rate:
Press model:
Production speed:
Foil price:
Blanket cylinder circumference:
Foil web width:
Amount of foil webs
Foil consumption MFU:
Foil consumption single reel:
Annual cost full web:
Annual cost MFU:
Annual savings:
1.050 x 740 mm
3.000.000 sheets
300 / hr.
6c + coater
13.000 sheets / hr.
0,25 / m2
1.000 mm
200 mm
0,4 m2/ sheet
1 m2 / sheet
1,5 - 2 years


Return on Investment and Cold Foil Saving

It is common understanding that the most expensive component of Cold Foil application is the cold foil itself. Therefore, the most obvious way to reduce cost would be to optimize the foil usage. Most systems on the market are still using a Full Web technique, which means large amounts of foil are being wasted while Vinfoil systems are offering several technologies which can be combined, to reduce the foil waste:

** Multi-Reel (MR): using multiple reels of foil with a smaller width
** Web Splitting (WS): cutting a large roll of foil into multiple webs with a smaller width
** Multi Foil Use (MFU) (Patent pending in Europe and USA): allows the foil webs to pass through the system more than once.

Companies looking to invest in a Cold Foil module are often focused on the initial purchase price. According to the team of Vinfoil this is not the entire view to this type of investment. Factors like foil consumption, make ready times and regular overhauling cost for the module should be taken into account as these factors are strong impacts on the Return on Investment as well as on the Total Cost of Ownership.
Another interesting project the team of Vinfoil has been working on in cooperation with a team of the Eindhoven University of Technology is the development of a software application called VIFOP. Based on a scan of the sheet that needs to be foiled, VIFOP determines the Optimal foil use and calculates exactly how much foil will be required for a specific job. The VIFOP software is available for users of the Infigo and Optima modules and is the Optimal tool to determine the costs of potential jobs.

To add efficiency to the cold foil process and to advance cold foiling technology. 

Vinfoil, makes cold foil profitable!